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Fellow Real Estate Investor,

Before we get to the question of how much money you can make by joining a North American REIA Chapter…

And before we present you with our benefits that’ll guarantee you’ll remain in complete AWE for quite a prolonged period of time…

We’d like to pose you the following question:

If you had to name an adult financial literacy organization that, in a very short period of time, has gradually (and safely) risen from darkness to become a “once in a decade” organization for real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals alike, which one would it be?

More specifically… the dramatic changes in which this organization fulfills ALL of the following criteria:

  • Is now highly eventful (at least 10 times more monthly events than other REIA’s) in terms of resources and frequency… one of the main reasons why the North American Real Estate Investors Association (NAREIA) has been able to remain the fastest growing adult financial literacy organization in the world for almost 2 years
  • Very few real estate groups know about the massive changes we’ve gone through, and the amount of difference NAREIA membership can produce within a community(you’ll be surprised to see how NAREIA supports our members)
  • NAREIA allows its members’ certain networking strategies to safely (and quickly) acquire and retain good wholesalers, buyers, sellers, and private money lenders. As well as service providers, contractors and more.
  • Its unique behavior (soon to be revealed) isn’t just VERY different from ANY other REIA, but also the fundamental reason why NAREIA’s able to amass real successful investors and groups of investors over a short period of time
  • The NAREIA, due to fundamental improvements regarding REIA membership, Group, and Licensed Chapter support, is truly unheard of!

…but, most importantly:

Although many of the members of NAREIA have created chapters and joined with NAREIA are hugely successful (as you’ll soon see), NAREIA IS THE ONLY REIA ORGANIZATON FOR WHICH MEMBERSHIP PERFORMANCE, ALONE, IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

Simply stated…

The changes that the world’s real estate market has undergone over the last 30 months or so PLUS NAREIA’s world-wide growth strategy (fully automated) PLUS our support thru secret proprietary information is yielding successful REIA’s across the world that most investor members would love to take part and even lead.

We guarantee you this:

Even if you don’t decide to become a member; and become part of our valued “family”, after you read our letter in DETAIL, you’ll still have an unfair advantage over other real estate investors simply by knowing about us.

What unfair advantage?

Well… how about:

We’ll EXPLAIN in minute detail within this letter (supported by fresh facts & figures):

  • The key reason WHY you should join your Local NAREIA Chapter is support. …a term that’s almost synonymous with “success” Our Chapters all serve the same purpose, to provide an environment that surpasses the needs of the motivated and ambitious within the communities we serve.

2- Why almost all Real Estate Investors can achieve massive success network marketing correctly, We’ll reveal it… and, of course, NAREIA members use it!

3- How NAREIA Chapters provide more opportunities to learn than any other real estate “REIA” or small business organization (with a very specific format and structure that we’ll show you) by providing top-notch coaching, mentorship, and an environment that fosters the growth of real estate investors whether new or experienced.

4- How Your REIA Chapter can help you save money on huge affiliate discounts (we’ll explain this later) from $500 or more per year, per member (which, by the way, is one of the reasons that NAREIA accumulates new members like candy. If you are a large contractor, we can save you hundreds-of-thousands of dollars per year-OFF your budgeted repair costs thru members-only discounts.

5- How You will Profit and Quickly Succeed from coaching and mentorship resources and members-only resources that this specific organization provides at major discounts compared to overhyped TV guru training.

6- How NAREIA’s unique strategy takes FULL advantage of a dramatic world-wide networking association that allows our members to market their properties to other investor buyers and sellers world-wide.

  1. How much additional money you can pocket from simple membership? –Hundreds to Hundreds of Thousands, as each member’s results are different.

“The sky isn’t even close to being the limit. You are now dealing with a whole different universe.” – NAREIA Founder; Robert Woodruff

Once you finish reading this letter in detail, you’ll have three options:-

Option #1: Just enjoy what you’re about to learn from us on this page – our cutting-edge research, especially related to adult financial literacy, the inability of our culture to provide it, and how we exploit this inability like crazy (we expose ALL of it), …joining, obtaining membership, etc.


Option #2:  Quickly Invest into Membership to NAREIA, which was designed systematically, over a long period of time, and poised to fully provide your real estate business ALL of the new opportunities that are available to our members and keeps NAREIA the #1 fastest growing association’ of adult financial literacy groups world-wide.

After you join us as a Member, we offer you these members-only resources…

  1. Attend our Special Events and Network with Professionals from Across the World – Midyear Celebration, Christmas Cruise, NAREIA Expo, Weekend Workshops, National Speaker Events, NAREIA Radio Show, Reality Show, Bus Tours, Subgroups, and more…
  2. More Value for Our Members – Enjoy our online subgroups; Technology Night, Masterminds, Webcasts, and more…
  3. Monthly NAREIA Newsletter
  4. Access to Chapters and Members Online – Access all our Chapters and Members Online with links & backlinks to and from your group to all NAREIA Groups, Licensed Chapters, & NAREIA Owned Chapters.
  5. Save Thousands each Year thru Members-Only Discounts with Major Service Suppliers and Home Supply Stores
  6. Access to our Social Networking Sites Online .
  7. Post your properties online for world-wide exposure. (Fact; nearly 30% of all US Property Sales came from Canada in 2012.)
  8. Opportunities to join leadership and become an organizer or subgroup organizer (SGO) of a North American REIA chapter.
  9. Enjoy access to a large network of high toned individuals who seek to surpass the status quo.
  10. Network with Investors, Entrepreneurs, National Speakers, Private Money Lenders, Hard Money Lenders, Small Business Owners, Flippers, Holders, Short Sellers, Apartment Owners and Managers, Hotel Owners, Mobile Home Park Managers and Owners, Brokers of Real Estate and Mortgages, Realtors, 5, 6 and 7 digit earners, People in the know and folks who are just learning. The possibilities of joining this network are endless… NAREIA caters to ALL levels of development. We have something for everybody. Including You.

As a Member of a Licensed NAREIA Chapter, You will Receive All of the Benefits of NAREIA Membership PLUS…

  1. Live Members Training
  2. Major Discounts and Easy to Use Software through major suppliers with delivery.
  3. Coaching and Mentorship Programs with experts you can trust.
  4. NAREIA Speaker Circuit Scheduling – We Ensure the BEST screened Speakers and Trainers in the World.
  5. Preferred Lenders
  6. Preferred Attorneys
  7. Preferred Contractors
  8. Interaction with members from all NAREIA Chapters.
  9. Members-Only Discounts on NAREIA Coaching and Mentorship Programs
  10. Members-Only Discounts on Learning Materials & National Speaker Wealth Building Systems
  11. And more, far more…

And of course…

Option #3: Do nothing! A pity, if you ask us – especially after reading our letter and understanding the power behind what’s “going-on behind the scenes”, so to speak.

We know that you that you make highly selective decisions concerning your development and training, that’s why we know you’ll make the right one!

Fair enough?


Before we cover all of the above in detail, and open your eyes to what we consider REALLY valuable and profitable information to members of REIA’s, we want to cover something truly important.

And that is…

How do over 20 REIA Chapters within our Organization providing more resources (and over 3+ years in the“trenches” BENEFIT YOU?)

What are we talking about here?


…the difference between a world-wide brand and a fly-by-night real estate organization.

More specifically – the difference between the NAREIA brand, and amateur, greed-driven, product and tv coaching vendors (or should we call them national product peddlers?)

NAREIA, as you probably already know, was developed by us – the Columbia Metro REIA team. We became the NAREIA team, accompanied by other real estate group leaders and Presidents from across the United States; both nonprofits and profits alike.

If you’ve been around this industry for a while then you already know who we are, and our reputation in the real estate investing industry is unsurpassed.

But, for those who DON’T know who we are…

We launched our first Real Estate Group; The Columbia Metro REIA on November 9th 2007.. more than 7 years ago.

Today, if you type “Columbia Metro REIA” on Google, you’ll find some very major results!

Why so many results?

Because of one word: professionalism.

Over the past three years, we’ve sold a little over 1,000 memberships and acquired dozens of licensed chapters. In fact, NAREIA continues to be the #1 growing adult financial literacy organization in the world.

If you become a member of North American REIA, you can attend ANY of our chapters groups and subgroups for FREE. That’s right, for free. Get involved, join the club, and meet our leaders, organizers, and members close-up.

Becoming a member of NAREIA opens many doors for local real estate investors through our Chapter REIA’s and their individual members. Immediate access to exclusive member and licensed chapter benefits, high quality support and training, and a world-wide network of investors of which to build your network and wealth makes your North American REIA membership worth every penny. While becoming a member is very easy, there are actually several levels of membership within our organization.

New Individual:        $497.00 per year or $47.00 per month ACH

Family:                                     $797.00 per year

Lifetime Individual:                  $1,497.00 per lifetime

Lifetime Family:                        $2,497.00 per lifetime

It’s the product itself – its quality, the support behind it, how the industry judges it, and the professionalism with which it’s developed that make it rise above the rest, making it long-lasting in the marketplace, a real ROCK STAR MEMBERSHIP. Join us and learn how to make large sums of money OR don’t and see where a standard college education gets you.

=> Case in point..

To Apply Online & Join NAREIA as a Member today, CLICK HERE…