June 10th & 11th in Charleston SC
Saturday and Sunday
8:30am – 6:00pm
Investing in Properties, Notes and Other Cash Flows
This Two Day, Hands on, No BS Seminar Reveals the Ins and Outs of Generating Cash Flow

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This 2-Day Training Will Be Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced,

Here’s Why: 

You’ll spend 2-days together, WITH Industry Experts Robert Woodruff, going step-by-step through the process of cashing your first, or next, Cash Flow profit check in today’s Real Estate investing market                                                                      

This is your chance to lock yourself in a room with a real estate investing veterans with over 35 years of combined experience and and their exceptional team as they train you on exactly what you need to do to cash your next Cash Flow check in the fastest time possible!

This is not a sell-a-ton so there are no outside speakers, this is 2 days "LIVE" hands on training! It's 2 solid days of NO B.S., what works now, training. 
We’re setting the room classroom style, so we can really dig deep and get to work on your business.The Keys to Cash Flow Training will be unlike any event you’ve ever attended. After these 2 solid days of fact filled, NO B.S., reality based training
your business will never be the same again.
  • Robert Woodruff President of the North American REIA and creator of the “Keys to Cash Flow” Program will be at the event to teach you the many creative techniques to the Cash Flow industry. The Keys to cash Flow is a creative financing course that focuses on building cash flow using low risk investments(Mobile Homes, RV’s, Automobiles, Boats, Heavy Machinery, Etc.) Robert will be teaching strategies for creative marketing, creative financing, and cash flow fundamentals that real estate investors use to buy houses and commercial property. The Keys to Cash Flow is the missing link between single-family residential and commercial investing
  • We‘ll talk in depth about the funding sources and how they can provide funding on your next deal!
  • You’ll learn how to deal with banks in today’s marketplace and more importantly how to avoid their time wasting antics!
  • We‘ll do multiple case studies, teach you how to understand the numbers in your Cash Flow deals, talk about how much you should pay for deals, evaluate properties & notes, do live deals, market for leads and more! We encourage students to bring deals they are working on to this training for Robert and Jim to use as “Live” examples of how to do a deal. If it closes you keep 100% of the profits.
All I ask is that you register online and attend as promised as seating will be limited and we would not want to see someone not attend because another registered person did not attend. If you do not register prior to the event on this page you will be charged the normal price at the door.
This is an incredible opportunity for you to spend 2 days on your business and leave with the tools you need to achieve your financial goals in 2017! RSVP HERE
What Do Successful Real Estate Investors
Know About Putting Together Profitable Deals
That You Don’t?

Whether  you  are  a  beginner  or  a  seasoned  pro  you  probably  realize  the  most important factor that will determine your success as a real estate investor is  your ability to find great real estate investments. Today’s economic future is uncertain and it’s time to come together, understand what’s going on, learn the new rules of investing for success, and get back on track to financial freedom and achieving your dreams – which for most of us includes helping our families while helping others and making a difference.Have you ever wondered why those successful investors are continually finding and doing profitable deal after deal? Did you ever ask yourself what they look for and what they think about before they ever make an offer on any property? Have  you ever thought about what makes a good deal and what is missing from the deals that you don’t want? Have you ever wondered how to buy wholesale properties while using other people’s money?If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you will be glad to know that this is exactly what  long time real estate  investors and trainers, Robert Woodruff is going to teach to you at the Charleston REIA Keys to Cash Flow Training on June 10th & 11th, 2017 .Robert


Robert Woodruff will be not only be teaching the many, many techniques and strategies to the Cash Flow industry but Robert will be doing life phone calls showing you “Live” how to profit from a cash flow deal.

Robert is also looking for people to be part of tremendous growth of the North America REIA as a leader, chapter organizer or just may want to start your own chapter in your town. Robert will be taking time to sit personally with students this weekend to discuss your investing needs.

At the Charleston Real Estate Investors Association we scoured the map to find trainers who really understand what it takes to succeed in the new economy – because they are actually succeeding.They are practicing what they preach, and achieving by doing  – not just by teaching some theory that was out of date even before the economy tanked.

We looked for people who were down to earth and didn’t promise pie in the sky get rich by working 10 minutes a day in your underwear from the comfort of your own home while making $25K per minute – doing nothing!  G’mon, we all know the types and the hype coming from these modern day guru’s. We wanted real people, just like you, with families just like yours, who have ethics and morals, and have figured out what  really  works  through  dedication  and  hard  work.  Most importantly  we  wanted people who are willing to share what they know with you and help get you started at absolutely no cost – and believe me, there aren’t many people willing to do that!!

So we are very happy to be presenting the Charleston REIA Keys to Cash Flow and Wholesale Property Liquidation Event for two days only with Robert Woodruff of North American REIA . Robert is a good ole boy living in  the south who will reveal the whole truth based on their personal investing experience, and will tell you what works, as well as  what doesn’t, when it comes to making money in today’s economy (refer to text above).  Robert is a  no-BS kind of guy’s and have been very fortunate to have learned to create multiple streams of income and now wants to share that knowledge with you at this free event.

What is the Keys to Cash Flow?

Each day goods are bought and sold on credit through traditional bank financing. But did you realize that billions of dollars in debt financing also takes place in the private arena, outside of traditional bank markets?

The Keys to cash Flow is a creative financing Training that focuses on building cash flow using low risk investments(Mobile Homes, RV’s, Automobiles, Boats, Heavy Machinery, Etc.) This training provides all the creative marketing, creative financing, and cash flow fundamentals that real estate investors use to buy houses and commercial property. The Keys to Cash Flow is the missing link between single-family residential and commercial investing.

Buy Properties Now
Representatives will also be at this event and will have
turnkey properties, wholesale properties, raw l and, vacation property and foreclosed properties available for purchase many 50% below market value and several with financing. So whether you are looking to create new income while getting back into the real estate game with none of your own money or just looking to buy truly wholesale turnkey properties then this event is for you. We also will have a networking session where event attendees can network on properties they would like to buy or sell. This event is not open to the general public, attendance is by invitation only.
Keys to Cash Flow Training Objectives
  • Creative Marketing Techniques used by the experts
  • Creative Financing Techniques to buy No-Money Down
  • Learn the 10 steps of a real estate deal
  • Learn how to Wholesale Properties from Single family, Multi-Family to Mobile homes and more
  • Learn the truth about fix and flips for profit
  • Understand the concept of investing in paper rather than “bricks & mortar” Discover how to structure & discount paper to significantly enhance investment yield
  • Explore various strategies for working with Private Money and how to raise it Develop a working knowledge of writing an offer and how to write a contract to protect yourself.
  • Identify how to locate off market deals that no one knows about Discuss the relationship of the Investor and Realtor for a Win-Win Discover how to analyze the market for risk
  • Become acquainted with the prestigious field of factoring & alternative commercial finance
  • Determine how to know what price to offer on an investment. Work the Numbers Develop the marketing, networking & prospecting skills necessary for success Create a personal action plan to access capital to launch your business.
  • Be part of “LIVE” phone calls and watch Jim and Robert negotiate for the purchase of wholesale properties. They have agreed to help lucky students do live deals at this event to show you first hand how to do a deal right. Will that be you?
Finally, The Keys to Cash Flow will introduce you to the lucrative world of Wholesaling and the Cash Flow industry. Come discover the potential profits that await you in the Cash Flow Industry, a unique segment of the financial markets which requires little investment and can often be operated from the comfort of a home-based office.


Rewarding by Helping others
BONUS #1: Wholesaling 101 COURSE MANUAL
Your attendance includes a Real Estate Notes course manual complete with instructions, strategies, and details on Real Estate Notes and the Cash Flow Industry. You get dozens of valuable techniques on starting your own cash flow business, disclosures and proven marketing pieces. This manual alone is worth the investment of your time in attending!
BONUS #2: The Power out of Attorney
“How to Get the Power out of Attorney” is a simple, yet brilliant way of tying-up and controlling investment property. Using this strategy will save you tens of thousands of dollars each year acquiring property. It doesn’t matter whether the property is a mobile home, a stick-built house, land, or commercial property. The strategies in this program give you every right to a property without ever having to purchase the property yourself conventionally.
BONUS #3: Pre-Training Preparation DVD
Unlike other seminars that don’t prepare you for the training you are about to attend Charleston REIA wants to make sure you are as ready as possible for the most advance training you will receive on the Cash Flow and Real Estate industry. Being this event is only two days and we could not possibly give you all the information you need in two days. Everyone who registers for this event will receive a pre- training preparation manual full of valuable information on the Real Estate and Cash Flow industry, marketing material, business plan and more. This manual will help you prepare for your new journey in the world of Real Estate.
So now you have a choice to make…

You can continue struggling to learn how to figure it out on your own… and always be disappointed and frustrated with your lack of results…

You can keep dumping endless amounts of money into how-to books, videos and other systems, but still never get a single step closer…

Or you can Register NOW to get all of the step-by-step help you need to achieve financial freedom from someone who has already figured it all out, and can show you exactly what it takes to be a wildly successful real estate investor.

I’ve already shown you plenty of examples of others who made the right choice and joined Charleston REIA, and are now enjoying their successes.

It’s high time you did too, don’t you think?

Seating is Limited to Just 30 Lucky People – So Do Not Delay!

I look forwarding to see you in person at the event.

Your partners in success,

Robert Woodruff

P.S – If you want to stop working 40 to 60 hours a week making just enough to afford your monthly expenses, and want the freedom in your life to spend time with family, friends, hobbies and pretty much do what you want. There is no better way for you to achieve that than to set up a residual income for yourself by investing in real estate.

P.P.S – If you had financial freedom and the time to do whatever you like, what would you do?
How much would you accomplish? Now ask yourself, could you do and accomplish all those things if you keep living the way you do right now?  Register for the training now and be well on your way to financial freedom.


Getting Started with Real Estate Investing

Getting Started Real Estate Investing

Most people want to invest in real estate to increase their passive income and net worth.
What holds most people back is that they don’t have enough money to get started investing in real estate.
Most people have heard of the old saying “It takes money to make money”,

I challenge you to reconsider this false belief. -Lou Castillo

For investors looking how to get started real estate investing, today is a good day. Every day there are thousands of new entrepreneurs looking to start a real estate investing business, but for one reason or another, they keep putting it off and waiting for the right time. Truth of the matter, there will never be a perfect time to get into the real estate investment game, as there will always be something going on that can present tall hurdles for investors to overcome, whether it’s not enough money, credit, funding, education or time to start. In fact, some of the most successful investors experienced the same exact problems, but what got them over these hurdles was being hard-headed and never taking no for an answer.

If you want to know how to get started in real estate investing, register now for our upcoming event.

Here’s a brief roadmap of the things you will learn at this event:

Join a Real Estate Investment Group: For many, there is something intimidating about speaking to and meeting new people. However, the reality is that this is always the best time to start. If you want to become a successful real estate investor, you need to be around other successful real estate investors. For those of you wanting to become real estate investors, it begins by showing up at your local real estate investing group.

Know Your Local Market: Most new investors know they want to become wholesalers, flippers or landlords when they start investing in real estate. They know the type of investment they want to buy, but not where to buy it. Real estate investors need to first identify which areas of their market are able to flip or fill properties the fastest. Contacting your groups real estate broker and asking them to provide you local stats for your area is a great place to start.

Do Your Due Diligence: Once you fully understand your local markets and where you want to acquire deals, its time to complete your due diligence on the properties that you wish to make offers on. Much of the information you need to make an educated offer can be found online by searching your local courthouse register of deeds. Property values can be cross-referenced by visiting your local tax assessor website and other more popular sites like Zillow, and the MLS. Remember when you are researching value, the value of properties in a certain area is established by the price the properties actually sell for, not what they are listed for. There is a big difference.

Make An Offer: Act fast on great deals, if not, someone else will get them! Don’t over-analyze. Analysis paralysis hold investors back from making offers on great deals. There is no such thing as a risk-free deal. Some risks are smaller than other risks, but every real estate deal can have potential problems. If you did your due diligence on the property then you should make an educated offer that you know is profitable. Real estate investing is a numbers game. You may have to kiss a few frogs before you get your prince or princess. You may have to make ten or more offers to get just one property accepted.

Just Do it: If you are wanting to learn how to get started in real estate investing, it’s very simple: All You have to do is “Do it.” You don’t need to become a Realtor or a Broker, you don’t need to get any licenses, you don’t need a large bank account or perfect credit. All you need is the desire to succeed and RSVP to attend our upcoming event.

What You Will Learn at this Event:

· Setting up your business
· Knowing your market
· How to run the numbers
· Making Educated Offers
· Fund your deals using private money
· Building Your Dream Team
· How to acquire deals using little money or credit

How to get Started in Real Estate Investing with mentor Lou Castillo event dates, locations, and times:

Florence SC -March 1st 6:30 PM
Highland Park United Methodist Church
1300 Second Loop Road , Florence 29501, SC
Charleston SC –March 2nd 6:30 PM
Crowne Plaza Charleston Airport – Conv Center
4831 Tanger Outlet Blvd, North Charleston, SC
Columbia SC –March 7th 6:30 PM
Wingate by Wyndham Columbia Hotel
217 Lanneau Ct, Columbia, SC

As an added bonus! You get the opportunity to network, buy and sell deals, and collaborate with investors that have both “been there, and done that” and ones that are “just getting their toes wet”! What are you waiting for? YES! Get yourself right into a seat with your life changing RSVP Now!
Special door prizes are given out to attendees that cannot be found online, in the bookstore, or anywhere else! Time to take the empowering steps to the best year of your life!
Guest Pre-Registration begins at 5:30 pm
New Members Orientation Begins at 6:00 pm
Members Registration begins 6:30 pm
Event Starts at 7 pm.
This is an OPEN event. Friends and guests are free.

Top Questions about Mobile Home Investing

Hi, this is Robert Woodruff with North American Real Estate Investors. What I’m going to do is discuss the 10 most frequently asked questions about mobile home investing. We are going to cover the 10 most important questions you should be asking but you may not know to ask these questions yet. Hang in there. Fasten your seats. Let’s get started.

1. What is a mobile home good for?

Why would we buy these things? They’re these things that people live in??? Do people actually want to live in a mobile home?? They’re undesirable right?? Aren’t the mobile homes often in bad neighborhoods? I wouldn’t want to live there myself so why would I want to buy one? Well here’s the answer. Mobile homes are good for cash flow. I know everybody that gets started in real estate investing often try to do flipping because they want these big paychecks but the big paychecks, they come and they go. Reality television makes lots of money off showcasing how easy and fun rehabbing a home can be. However, cash flow doesn’t go anywhere, it stays there for a long time and it’s the way you obtain your financial freedom. So the more cash flow, the more mobile home investments you have, the more assets you acquire means the more post office paychecks you’re going to have coming in. Imagine having to go to your post office every month for your paycheck. So, that’s why mobile homes can be a good investment and not just something to disregard in your investment portfolio, you invest in mobile homes for the cash flow alone.

2. Do I need money to get started?

No. You do not need money to get started in mobile home investing. This is the biggest myth ever and some of the worst talk you can hear from some of your peers or your family is that you need to have money to make money. That’s a self-defeating prophecy.
This is False!!!!!
If you do not have time to invest in learning how to make cash off real estate investing then you will need money…. But, if you are sitting on a large savings account then you just need to put more time and effort on your part to make investing profitable for you. Put forth a little bit of effort to go out and find some deals, wholesale some deals, help out sellers, find some motivated sellers who need help and pocket thousands of dollars. Take that money and put it into your assets and keep doing the same thing over, over and over again until you have enough to acquire your financial freedom. Easy enough, right??? If you are laughing just keep reading and learning.

3. Do I need a dealer’s license to be a mobile home investor?

No. No you do not. Now if you ask a dealer this they’ll say yes. Yes you do, why do they say this? Just like if you ask a realtor if wholesaling properties is okay, they might say its illegal, because without a realtor they make no money. You do not need a dealer’s license to be a mobile home investor. Now if you’re selling, or flipping a certain amount of mobile homes every year you’re going to qualify for needing to get your dealer’s license but if you’re just dealing the properties or using them as rentals you need not have your dealer’s license.

4. Can I rent mobile homes in a mobile home parks?

Yes you can, But this is the number one mistake I see mobile home investors do is that they will pick up the phone and call all the mobile home parks in their area and t say, “Can I rent a mobile home in your park?” You know what they’re going to say? “No because I don’t want the problems of you coming into my park and doing a rental agreement with somebody and then your tenant thinking what’s in your rental agreement is more important than what is in my lot agreement. You understand? That causes problems. So just by picking up the phone and calling around asking everybody if you can rent in their park shows that you do not know what you are doing. Do not do that. Do not make this newbie mistake. Can you rent in parks? Yes. If they tell you that you can rent in their park go ahead. Just don’t ask them. Rule of thumb, don’t ask them. However, be smart enough to read the parks contract on lot rent and mobile home usage within their park.

5. Will a mobile home appreciate in value?

Well the Manufacturing Housing Institute says yes. I say no, not at all. The longer you own a mobile home the less its worth until eventually one day it’s going to be worth very little. That’s going to be the maximum value that you can get for the home in your area. Now other than that can they appreciate? In theory, well if there is mobile home parks in Florida where mobile home junkers go for $10,000 a piece but yet there’s mobile home parks in South Carolina where the mobile homes go for $500 or even free, so obviously there’s a difference in value being the different areas. So now all of a sudden if South Carolina real estate switched to be like Florida real estate well in theory then a mobile home could appreciate but does a mobile home appreciate? Generally, no. However, if you have read the first part of this post then you already realize that appreciation is not what you are striving for with mobile homes.

6. Should I buy a mobile home that needs to be moved?

Generally, no. You don’t want to do that because if you have to buy a mobile home and then it has to be moved, then you are now paying the amount to purchase the mobile home and also paying for the mobile home to be moved. You really do not want to do that. This extra expense could make your numbers go into the red. You will be adding all that extra expense into the purchase price of your mobile home. So what does this mean?? Well, what that means is that it is now going to take twice as long to get all your money back that you have invested into your mobile home. Do you want to wait 2-3 years before you actually make a buck or do you want to make it now? Do you want to do it in 6 months or 12 months, me I prefer 6 months so I try not to move mobile homes.
Now in my system “The Keys to Cash Flow”, I teach you how to get a mobile home moved for free. That’s right, for free. I show you how you can still go out and buy a mobile home that needs to be moved and use a different strategy where somebody else will be paying to move it instead of you. Yes, there are ways that you can buy a mobile home if it has to be moved and still make it into a deal. Just remember that the rule of thumb is that if you’re going to go out and buy a mobile home that has to be moved, it is going to increase the cost of the asset and delay your profits.

7. What kind of financing is available?

Generally, not much and usually none is available. No bank or finance company wants to finance mobile homes. When you get a whole bunch of mobile homes and you go into the bank and you say, “Well I’ve got a bunch of these mobile homes that I’m going to use as collateral towards something else.” No, the banks will not use them as collateral. Really a mobile home, is really only worth how much money it is getting in every single month or how much money it can be wholesaled or flipped for. So that’s the true value of the property, how much money does it get monthly and beyond that the banks really do not care how much it is worth. It is a mobile home. It’s a wobbly box. That’s the way they look at it. Banks will not refinance them and a lot of them have a hard time even giving you financing on them. If you go into a mortgage officer they are not going to be able to do a loan for you. Some try to go to a branch bank and they might do a loan for you or there is actually a smarter route out there called private moneylenders. Now when you start getting involved in being a mobile home investor other investors see what you are doing and they will say, “Wow, there’s some really big numbers there. Why don’t you let me give you the cash to go ahead and fix that deal and put some money in it.” Well that all works out great. You give them a better interest rate than they can get any place else bar none and still have a great deal on your hands. If you can give someone clear up to 15% on a 12-month or even a 3-month then that’s amazing. Now imagine if you had your deal with them where they were making 15% every 3 months imagine if you have that with them for a full 12 months that could be up to a 60% return per year. Who offers that? This makes it a win win situation for private moneylenders and for the average investor to make monthly cash flow off a small investment.

8. Singlewides or doublewides?

Singlewides!! Doublewides are double the expense. You think, “Oh, if it’s a double wide is it going to be double the amount of money I get each month for it?” Nope, not really. Often what’s going to happen is doublewides are going to have a mortgage payment on them. So every month there is nobody paying you rent, you will still have to pay a note to someone. This stops the benefits of investing in mobile homes as the benefit is the large monthly rent and the money you can make flipping the homes. If you are constantly making a payment on a large note then you might as well invest in a single family home where you will get equity. Stay away from doublewides in mobile home parks; they are not good investments and do not produce enough cash to invest in them.

9. Can I buy mobile homes, no money down?

Absolutely. Here’s the neat thing about mobile home investing is that there are people out there that are having really big problems and very motivated to sell. Maybe they have to move out of state, maybe they have got behind on their payments, maybe they have to sell it immediately and they have to move someplace else. Whatever reason they have, they are now motivated sellers. Now, even with a percentage of our population living in mobile homes and being motivated to sell you still do not see realtors fighting over mobile home listings. Most of the time the motivated seller’s only choice is to go to the dealer and see if the dealer will take it back and do you think they are? No. No of course they are not, so here’s what happens, it either sits there and it gets taken back by the bank or they try to rent it out to a family member who will end up shagging the place out or you know just a number of negative things that will happen there. So really the only help that they have is you and I. We are the only ones that will cater to this population. We are the only ones that will help them. So you can make a lot of money just solving someone’s problems by buying mobile homes, no money down.

10. How old should the mobile homes be?

Well, I spoke earlier that we don’t want this huge bill looming over our heads because the longer it takes us to pay off the mobile home the longer it’s going to take for us to actually get any money off the deal. Generally, you want a home that’s really close to being paid off or is already paid off so that you can start reaping cash flow off the property immediately. So what you’re looking for is probably 15,20 year old mobile homes but of course we said no doublewides so keep it to singlewides and that is your honey hole properties.

Join me December 29,2016 as I discuss “How To Find Killer Deals” with special guest, Stephanie Woodruff.
This Webinar will be focused on finding motivated sellers of single family home, mobile homes, and multifamily properties. Stephanie invests in assisted livings and has found all her investments thought the techniques we will be discussing on the webinar. These techniques for finding motivated sellers can be used for houses, mobiles, and commercial businesses.

Join me in January 2017 in South Carolina and Florida as I do  live training events on “51 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers”

Lou Castillo is back and this time he is teaching how to…

Getting Started Wholesaling & Making Money Quickly

This Saturday, June 18, 2016 Lou will break down the very profitable Wholesaling strategy into bite size pieces.
Join us @ The Fairfield Inn and Suites Charleston Airport Hotel located at 4841 Tanger Outlet Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29418, United States
Registration starts at 8:30AM

To register: CLICK HERE NOW!!

Is it REALLY possible for someone with limited cash, credit, and experience to birddog or wholesale properties???, or is this another one of those things that sounds good in a seminar, but doesn’t work in real life?”

Mark your Calendars to join Lou Castillo and the Charleston Real Estate Investors Association this Saturday June 18, for a very special workshop where Lou will be teaching the basics of Wholesaling and how this technique leads to other types of Investing.  If you really want to know how to attract more buyers and sellers of properties and what to say to close more deals then you do not want to miss this Training – you need to be there – especially if you are just starting out.

BTW, there is no books to sell, just pure content, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What Do Successful Real Estate Investors Know About Putting Together Profitable Deals That You Don’t?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you probably realize the most important factor that will determine your success as a real estate investor is your ability to find great deals. Today’s economic future is uncertain and it’s time to come together, understand what’s going on, learn the new rules of investing for success, and get back on track to financial freedom and achieving your dreams – which for most of us includes helping our families while helping others and making a difference.

Have you ever wondered why those successful investors are continually finding and doing profitable deal after deal? Did you ever ask yourself what they look for and what they think about before they ever make an offer on any property? Have you ever thought about what makes a good deal and what is missing from the deals that you don’t want? Have you ever wondered how to buy wholesale properties while using other people’s money?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you will be glad to know that this is exactly what long time real estate investor and trainer, Lou Castillo is going to teach to you during this one day workshop. Lou will not only teach you the truths of real estate investing he will walk you through the process step by step.

Click Here to RSVP NOW!


Now that I have your attention I am sure you are asking yourself what’s the catch? What is he going to sell us? No one does anything for $37…. Well to be honest there is a catch and I am going to disclose it to you..

The main requirement to be part of this program is you must be committed to your success.

There is no question that now is the time to be investing but one of the problems in our industry is that many Gurus and Real Estate clubs today are like politicians, they say one thing and do another, they tell you how they have the secrete keys to teach you how to make money in real estate but in fact don’t do the business themselves.

The simple fact is there are a lot of great educators out there giving great education on how to be successful in real estate and it is even a bigger fact that we all need a mentor, but because of the internet which is a great tool to have, there are more people than ever trying to get into the real estate market but they are getting the wrong type of training. People are downloading free PDF books, attending FREE webinars, going to the FREE hotel Guru seminars only to get motivated then find out it is not a training, but rather a sell-a-thon. The real training that you need to be successful in this industry is a combination of classroom and hands on training.

If you are tired of the same old song and dance and want to be part of something different then you don’t want to miss this full day Saturday Training. Lou Castillo has been in this business full time for over 20 years. He is one of the few that not only teaches the business, but quit his corporate job to do investing full time. Lou is one of the few teachers who doesn’t just tell you what to do, but also shows you how to do it.

Click Here Now to Register

Here is what You will Learn:

  • The ins-&-outs of Wholesaling so you can close high profit deals each and every month while working at the business part time.
  • How to uncover those hidden great deals
  • Determining the right price to pay so you can sell quickly and still make large profits
  • Tricks to selling your deals before all the other wholesalers
  • How to still collect a large assignment fee when there is only minimal equity.
  • How Lou ties up a property forever if the Seller becomes “uncooperative”. Once they sign with you, they must sell to you!

Click Here Now to Register

Just For Attending You Will Receive these Bonuses:

Bonus 1:
Lou’s Affidavit that protects all your deals from unscrupulous buyers and sellers.

Bonus 2:
Sign up now and bring any guest free. It could be your spouse – your business partner – or someone you met in the parking lot. The only requirement is that they are interested in making a lot of money wholesaling houses.


Click Here Now to Register

Wholesaling: Your Cash Locomotive

For your real estate investing to thrive and grow, it needs a steady infusion of cash. Cash for expenses. Cash to market and expand. Cash for reserves. And most important –  cash for you.

Wholesaling is the cash locomotive. This single strategy will bring quick, easy, consistent cash into your business. An average wholesale deal should earn you between $8,000 – $10,000; and you can easily do two deals per month with part time hours. We’re talking at most 15 hours a week – when you’re closing two deals a month.

That means that as a wholesaler you are earning between $16,000 – $20,000 every month for 15 hours a week of work! But the advantages don’t end there…

What Makes Wholesaling Great?

You never purchase the home! You simply sell the “deal” to your buyer who buys directly from the homeowner. You never have to locate purchase funds; you are never responsible for a mortgage; and repairs to the property are not your concern. Essentially, this is a risk free strategy!

Because of this, you can close multiple deals each and every month. Remember, these are high dollar – high profit transactions.

You’ll also love the speed of wholesaling. These are fast transactions with most closing within 30-45 days!. You’re not holding onto properties for months waiting to sell. Your buyers are better too. You’re not selling to an owner/occupant who needs to get a loan from a bank.

You are selling to investors who have their own sources of financing for the properties. They are able to close quickly and without all the typical contingencies you find in standard real estate contracts.

Where Can You Learn More?

Come to our next meeting June 7 at the Wingate by Wyndham Columbia Hotel at 6:30 PM.

Address: 217 Lenneau Ct. Columbia, SC 29212
Lou Castillo will be discussing how to start, build, and profit from your own wholesaling business even if you have no experience.

Lou started in this business in the early 1990s and once he and his wife discovered they were earning more part time in real estate than full time at their corporate positions, they “retired” from their jobs and went full time into the business.

Lou has closed on hundreds of real estate deals totaling over $30 Million. Although he began as a rehabber, he soon learned that wholesaling would be his Cash Locomotive.

What You’ll Discover

Lou will break down the wholesaling process to show you how easy it truly is to profit from this strategy. Most people would stop there.

Lou will also show you how a properly executed wholesaling business becomes the foundation for at least 4 other profit streams. You’ll uncover how to fully exploit all of the profit potentials available to you once you have a wholesaling business.

What You’ll Love About Lou Castillo

Lou is a high-energy speaker with a deep passion for real estate and for sharing his knowledge with others. His belief is that everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams and he wants to show them a path through real estate to realize those dreams.

You’ll be impressed with not just the amount of information he shares in a short period, but also the fact that he is such a down-to-earth approachable guy.

What you’re going to love about Lou’s presentation is that he encourages audience participation to make it interactive. The whole evening will feel like a night out with a friend who is sharing some great advice for establishing a growing a successful and very profitable real estate investing business.